Center Infrastructure

One of the major advantages of Hadassah BrainLabs, is its comprehensive infrastructure for brain research. Relying on years of experience of one of the top academic institutes in the world, we have at our disposal unparalleled laboratories and equipment including:

Dept. of Neurology Laboratories: Fully equipped facilities for histopathological, biochemical, immunological, behavioral and molecular biology research, needed for animal and tissue culture studies. These includes cryostat, paraffin embedding center, microtome, dissecting microscopes, inverted phase contrast microscopes, fluorescent and light microscopes with a computerized image analysis system connected by color video camera, several PCR machines, real time PCR machine, spectrophotometers, gel-electrophoresis apparatuses, FACS apparatus and equipment for motor performance and mazes. In addition, the labs are equipped with stereotaxic devices, perfusion electronic machine and video EEG for laboratory animals.

Biological Psychiatry Laboratory: Fully equipped for behavioral studies including specialized SPF rooms for rodent behavioral experiments stocked with computerized video tracking systems, based on  video cameras and Ethovision 9.0 behavioral tracking software, including modes for multiple body points, multiple arenas and social interaction. In each room, apart of the overhead camera, a second tripod-based color camera is used for vertical tracking. Specialized apparatus for startle / pre-pulse inhibition and fear conditioning, as well as rotarod testing for both mice and rats are available.

Dept. of Nuclear Medicine:

MRI Laboratory offering a 7T/20 Bruker BioSpec MRI system. The lab includes state-of-the-art software, several RF coils and several animal beds optimized for rat/mice brain studies. An animal preparation room including an operating facility that has stereotactic holder is available. The animal house facility offers animal treatment services and housing. The lab has several data-stations with commercial and custom built software packages for conventional and advanced image analysis.

Micro-PET: The Simens inveon micro-PET/CT is part of the Cyclotron facility and comprises a full ring of detectors containing 24,000 LSO elements; bore size: 26 cm; trans-axial field of view: 19 cm; Resolution of 1.3 mm at the center of the field of view; volumetric resolution of 9 µL at field of view. It also comprises reconstruction algorithms, data acquisition software, data analysis tools, attenuation correction, and post emission transmission.

Hebrew University Interdepartmental Equipment Division: Equipment available to the center researchers includes spectrophotometers (BMC Galaxy Fluorostar and Luminometer), lyophilizer, nanodrop, liquid nitrogen and equipment for developing X-ray films.

Authority for Biological and Biomedical Models: The Authority, a fully accredited AAALAC institute, operates several SPF (specific pathogen free) animal facilities within the Hadassah – Hebrew University Medical Center Campus. The Sharett Institute SPF animal facility provides quarters for storage and maintenance of non-reproducing animals designated for experiments. Of particular relevance to the Hadassah BrainLabs center is a specialized unit for maintenance and reproduction of mouse and rat lines (both wild type and transgenic).

Research Environment: Hadassah Medical Organisation (HMO) and the Hebrew University – Hadassah Faculty of Medicine together make up one of the leading academic medical institutes in Israel. Hadassah is a tertiary referral center for Israel with two university hospitals and five schools of allied medical professions, owned and operated in collaboration with the Hebrew University. HMO is a leading institute in biomedical research, as determined by scientific publications and number of competitive research grants. Hadasit, the commercial arm of Hadassah, provides key support to researchers in the areas of patent registration, marketing and technology transfer.