Outcome Measures

The following outcome measures are available at Hadassah Brainlabs:

Behavioral Analysis

Motor domain

Motor Scores
Grip test; Catalepsy test; Open field; Cylinder test; Rotarod

Clinical Scores
EAE; ALS; Prion; NSS

Parkinson’s Disease Scores
Non-Pharmacological: Stepping, Placing, Wire grasping test, Pole test
Pharmacological: Rotational asymmetry

Cognitive, learning and memory domain
Novel object recognition; Morris water maze: Attentional set shifting; Radial arm water maze; Cued and context fear conditioning; T-maze; Y-maze

Psychosis-like domain
MK801 – induced hyperlocomotion; MK-801-induced pre-pulse inhibition

Depressive-like domain
Forced swim test; Novelty suppressed feeding; Saccharin preference; Tail suspension

Anxiety-like domain
Elevated plus maze; Open field; Light-dark box; Stress induced hyperthermia; Startle response; Peripheral stress-related biomarkers (corticosterone, ACTH)

Social domain
Three chambers sociability and social novelty test; Social interaction in pairs; Resident intruder test


Cells in the CNS
Neurons, Astrocytes, Microglia, Oligodendrocytes; Blood vessels; Transplanted cells; Neurogenesis

T-cells, B-cells, Microglia/Macrophages, Perivascular/ Meningeal Infiltrates

Neurofibrillary tangles, Amyloid plaques; De/Myelination; Axonal damage; Prions; Apoptosis

Biochemical Analysis

Proteins (Soluble, resistant, phosphorylated, glycosylated)

Growth factors, AD biomarkers

Secretases activity

Immunological Assays

T-cell proliferation, Ab titers


Typing of immune cells

Genetic and Molecular Biology Assays


Gene expression


Video-EEG monitoring

Brain Imaging