Project Flowchart

The following stages are typical of a project performed at  Hadassah BrainLabs:


  • Hadassah BrainLabs provides a comprehensive service for studying disease models in rodents.
  • Advice is provided on planning experiments including important clinical insights into the diseases being studied and on an ongoing basis during the project.
  • Depending on the needs of the researcher and the project, disease models can be generated, including toxic and transgenic models and also disease-environment interaction models.
  • Pharmacological interventions are implemented if required to test novel therapeutic agents.
  • At the core of the Hadassah BrainLabs will be facilities for extensive behavioral phenotyping employing assays of motor function, cognition, psychosis and affect (anxiety and depression).
  • A unique feature of the Hadassah BrainLabs is availability of advanced brain imaging performed on the same animals, including MRI and Micro-PET.
  • An extensive array of auxiliary techniques is available including histological, biochemical, immunological and molecular assays.
  • Hadassah BrainLabs also offers comprehensive statistical analysis.