Dr. Adi Vaknin-Dembinsky M.D., Ph.D.

Adi Vaknin DembinskyAppointment: Senior Lecturer of Neurobiology; Multiple Sclerosis Center

Area of expertise: Neuroimmunology

Tel: 02-6777522; Email: avaknin@hadassah.org.il



Selected Research Publications

Raz N , Vaknin-Dembinsky A ,Chokron S , Ben-Hur T , LevinNI (2010) Functional MRI as a tool for assessing chiasmal visual defect in a patient with Neuromyelitis Optica.  JNNP 81(10):1174-1175

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Vaknin-Dembinsky A, Brill L, Orpaz N, Abramsky O Karussis D (2010) Preferential increase of B cells activating factor (BAFF) in the CSF of neuromyelitis optica (NMO), in a Caucasian population. Mult Scler J  16(12):1453-1457

Kassis I, Vaknin-Dembinsky A , Karussis D (2010) Effects of supermagnetic iron oxide  labeling on the major functional properties of human Mesenchymal Stem Cells International Stem Cell Journal 3(2): 144-153

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Yahalom G, Kivity S, Lidar M, Vaknin-Dembinsky A , Karussis D, Flechter S, Ben-Chetrit E C, Livneh API  (2011) Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) and multiple sclerosis: an association study in one of the world’s largest FMF cohorts. Eur J Neurol, 8: 1468-1331

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Vaknin-Dembinsky A A, Brill LC, Kassis I, Petrou P, Ovadia H, Ben-Hur T, Abramsky O, Karussis D (2012) Myasthenia gravis with anti-aquaporin 4 antibodies and CNS involvement; a series of 14 patients. A new nosological entity or an overlap auroimmune syndrome.  Arch Neurol 68(12):1557-1561

Schwartz I, Sajin A, Moreh E, Fisher I, Neeb M, Forest AV, Vaknin-Dembinsky A, Karussis D, Meiner Z  (2012) Robot-assisted gait training in multiple sclerosis patients: a randomized trial. Mult Scler J 18(6):881-890

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Vaknin-Dembinsky A, Levin N, Raz N, Abramsky O, Karussis D, Brill L, Petrou P, Ovadia H  (2013)  Inflammation of the optic nerve: when it should be considered as neuromyelitis optica-the experience of the Department of Neurology at Hadassah Hospital. Harefuah  152(2):101-105

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