Dr Amit Lotan M.D.

LotanAppointment: Senior Psychiatrist; Research Associate, Biological Psychiatry Laboratory

Area of expertise: Behavioral neurobiology, psychopharmacology.

Tel: 02-6777184; Email: amitlo@hadassah.org.il



Selected Research Publications

Hirsh-Rokach B, Spectre G, Shai E, Lotan A, Ritter A, Varon D, Alcalai R Differential impact of SSRIs on platelet response to clopidogrel: a randomized, double-blind, crossover trial. Under Review

Lotan A, Bonne O, Abramowitz EG Methylphenidate facilitates hypnotizability in adults with ADHD: A naturalistic cohort study. Under Review

Yovell Y, Bar G, Mashiah M, Briskman I, Lotan A, Rigbi A, Panksepp J Low-dose buprenorphine – treating suicidality by treating the mental pain of social loss. Under Review

Baldinger P, Lotan A, Frey R, Kasper S, Lerer B, Lanzenberger R (2014) Neurotransmitters and ECT. Journal of ECT, Special Issue: Mechanism of Action of ECT

Lotan A, Lifschytz T, Slonimsky A, Broner E, Greenbaum L, Abedat S, Fellig Y, Cohen H, Lory O, Goelman G (2014) Neural mechanisms underlying stress resilience in Ahi1 knockout mice: relevance to neuropsychiatric disorders. Mol Psychiatry 19(2):243-252

Lotan A, Lifschytz T, Lory O, Goelman G, Lerer B (2014) Amygdalar disconnectivity could underlie stress resilience in the Ahi1 knockout mouse: conclusions from a resting-state functional MRI study. Mol Psychiatry 19(2):144