DISC1 mutant mice

DISC1 is a well known candidate gene for schizophrenia. Transgenic mice  with truncated DISC1 transcription (and hence lower protein levels) are characterized by deficits in working memory, executive functioning and spontaneous hyperlocomotion.


Reproduced with permission from Elsevier

Clapcote et al, 2007: Prepulse inhibition deficits among five lines of mutated DISC-1 mice (compared to intact DISC-1 gene mice controls). Prepulse levels used: 69, 73 and 81 dB. Startle/ pulse used: 120dB. Deficits (reduction) in pre-pulse inhibition is evident in all mouse lines of reduced DISC1 expression, and in all pre-pulse intensities (in dB) compared to WT (DISC1 +/+) mice


Pletnikov MV, Ayhan Y, Nikolskaia O, Xu Y, Ovanesov MV, Huang H, Mori S, Moran TH, Ross CA (2008) Inducible expression of mutant human disc1 in mice is associated with brain and behavioral abnormalities reminiscent of schizophrenia. Mol Psychiatry 13(2):173-186, 115

Clapcote SJ, Lipina TV, Millar JK, Mackie S, Christie S, Ogawa F, Lerch JP, Trimble K, Uchiyama M, Sakuraba Y, Kaneda H, Shiroishi T, Houslay MD, Henkelman RM, Sled JG, Gondo Y, Porteous DJ, Roder JC (2007) Behavioral phenotypes of disc1 missense mutations in mice. Neuron 54(3):387-402